Departmental Service

Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

N. Rich Nguyen, Jim Cohoon, Matt Dwyer, Tom Horton, Samira Khan, Upsorn Praphamontripong, Josephine Lamp (Graduate Student), Luther Tychonievich (Chair)

Fall 2018 -- present. I am part of the committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of the Computer Science Department. We commit to provide to all members of the University, a collaborative barrier-free environment for learning and the advancement of knowledge. We recognize that a diversity of people enhances the intellectual and creative environment of our department. It allows us and our graduates to be more capable, more broadly educated, and better prepared to solve the important problems of today and the future. In Spring 2019, my committee members and I have provided diverisity training for over 100 new TAs in the Department through a series of role playing skits.

Association for Computing Machinery, UVA Student Chapter

N. Rich Nguyen (Co-advisor), Mark Floryan (Co-advisor), Sarah Bland, Roman Bohuk, Daniel Prohaska

Fall 2018 -- present. I co-advise the Association for Computing Machinery Chapter at the University of Virginia, a student chapter of the parent Association for Computing Machinery. The Chapter is a Contracted Independent Orginization (CIO) at the University of Virginia, and serves students, faculty, and staff of the University as well as members of the Charlottesville / Albermarle community. ACM has a number of events each semester, ranging from social events (movie nights, dogdeball, student-faculty luncheons, etc.) to academic events (tutoring, talks, etc.)

UVA Highschool Programming Competition (HSPC)

N. Rich Nguyen (Advisor), Nathan Brunelle (Co-advisor), Aaron Bloomfield (Former Advisor)

Fall 2018 -- present. Every year, ACM@UVa runs the largest High School Programming Contest (HSPC) in the mid-Atlantic region, and one of the largest in the country. Due to space limitations, we are only accepting 2 teams per school now, but you can register a 3rd team, and we will let you know approximately one month prior to the contest if we can accommodate that 3rd team.

Student Services (UNC Charlotte)

Tutoring Center: Providing excellent tutoring at no-cost to undergraduate students

N. Rich Nguyen (Supervisor), David Farthing, Rachel Chesley, Ciara Moreno, Raul Calcamo Alonzo et al

Spring 2014 -- Spring 2018. CCI Undergraduate Tutoring Services offers no-cost peer tutoring sessions, study skills coaching, and academic support to all CCI undergraduate students. We strive to: (1) Offer excellent tutoring resources to all undergraduate students who request our service, (2) promote student independence, active learning, and motivation, and (3) seek opportunities to increase student awareness and usage of tutoring service. In AY 2016-2017, CCI Tutoring Center has provided over 3,500 sessions while committing excellent service to CS undergraduates.

Dean's Ambassador Program

N. Rich Nguyen (Director), Elizabeth Thompson, Katrina Hartley, Serge Neri, Silvia Espinoza, Jacqueline White et al

Fall 2015 -- Spring 2018. The Dean's Ambassador Program is a group of students dedicated to supporting, promoting, and representing the College of Computing and Informatics (CCI). The CCI Dean's Ambassadors are the student leaders who demonstrate leadership, community engagement, and academic excellence. They draw on their knowledge and experience to highlight the strong sense of community and pride in CCI. As the face of CCI, the Dean's Ambassadors show prospective students just why CCI is so great and what life is really like as a CCI student.

Be the Future of Computing: Guidebook to CCI App

N. Rich Nguyen (Editor), Halee Bennett, Katrina Hartley

Fall 2015 -- Spring 2018. As part of the UNC Charlotte official app NinerDestiNation, we have built this guide to provide you with many useful features: (1) Event Calendar: You do not need to worry about missing any event at CCI anymore. With 50+ events already available in the guide, you can quickly add any event of interest to your schedule with a reminder option. (2) Student Services: You can get several student services right on the app from connecting to a peer-mentor or making a tutoring appointment. (3) Organizations: You now have instant access to all student organizations at CCI and links to their website. Since its launch, "Be the Future of Computing" has already been downloaded by over 1,200 students and has been used almost 10,000 times.

Career Coaching (UNC Charlotte)

Career Code: A blog on the development of the T-shaped professionals

N. Rich Nguyen (Editor), Arion Almonds, Shannon Butler, Matthew Brian, Ormelia Johnson, Ria Mahajan

Fall 2016 -- Spring 2017. Many employers are seeking the complete package for new hires. How students present themselves, express enthusiasm for their work, and collaborate with others are the most sought-after skills in job candidates. The CCI Career Coaches know what it takes as they have gained their experience in summer internships and part-time jobs at IT companies. Through one-on-one career coaching and professional development, the CCI Career Coaches aim to strengthen the vision of T-shaped professionals and provide the connect, creative, and innovative talents in computing (1,717 visitors; 2,891 blog views since 2016).

My Internship Experience (MIX) Series

N. Rich Nguyen (Supervisor), Serge Neri, Amanda Lee

Fall 2016 -- Spring 2017. At CCI we believe that you can shape the future of computing by applying what you learned in internships and co-ops. We celebrate and highlight the success of our students in various internship positions by featuring an internship experience video through our YouTube Channel. If you have any exciting internship experience that you would like to share, please contact CCI Dean's Ambassador Program.

CCI Career Newsletter: Connect.Create.Innovate.

N. Rich Nguyen (Writer)

Fall 2015 - Spring 2018. The College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) is committed to providing you with many opportunities to grow and achieve your career goals. As the student career manager, I understand how important your future is to you. My goal is to help you 1) find the right career plan and 2) know how to be ready for it. We have workedI start this career newsletter weekly to bring you updates on several exciting events every week. These events are focused on helping you grow professionally, explore career options, find jobs/internships, and simply have fun. Together, we can make IT happen! (I wrote a total of 91 letters over the year to all undergraduate students at CCI, UNC Charlotte)

Industry Panels: Connecting students to industry experts

N. Rich Nguyen (Facilitator)

Fall 2015 - Spring 2018. What is a bette way to learn directly from the industry experts? There will be many guest speakers, including faculty, staffs, student leaders, and industry professionals through a series of industry panels. In these panels, students will learn about (1) communicating in meetings, emails, social media, (2) building their network, (3) working as a team, (4) searching for internships, and (5) mock interviewing for a position. Additionally, several guest speakers and industry panels will discuss and explain in details various aspects of a professional career in IT related fields. Through the years, I have facilitated over 30 panels attended by over 1,400 students.

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