Research Students of David Evans

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Security Research Group Lunch (12 December 2017)
Haina Li, Felix Park, Mainuddin Jonas, Anant Kharkar, Faysal Hossain Shezan, Suya,
David Evans, Yuan Tian, Riley Spahn, Weilin Xu, Guy "Jack" Verrier

Current Research Students

Anshuman Suri, PhD student (since Fall 2019) — robust learning
Bargav Jayaraman, PhD student (since Fall 2016) — privacy-preserving machine learning
Fnu Suya, PhD Student (since Fall 2017) (co-advised with Yuan Tian) — adversarial machine learning
Xiao Zhang, PhD Student (since Summer 2018) — adversarial machine learning
Yu-Han (Hannah) Chen, PhD student (since Fall 2019) — natural language processing

Sicheng Zhu, visiting graduate researcher (Master's degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences) (since summer 2019) — adversarial robustness

Youssef Errami, undergraduate researcher (since summer 2019) — evaluating privacy for machine learning
Jonah Weissman, undergraduate researcher (since summer 2019) — evaluating privacy for machine learning

Security Research Group Lunch (5 May 2017)
Bill Young, Hannah Li, Weilin Xu, Mohammad Etemad, Bargav Jayaraman, David EvansHelen SimecekAnant KharkarDarion Cassel

Graduated PhD Students

Weilin Xu, Computer Science PhD Spring 2019
Co-advised with Yanjun Qi
Thesis: Improving Robustness of Machine Learning Models using Domain Knowledge
First and current employment: Intel (Adversarial Machine Learning Research, Hillsboro, OR)

Samee Zahur, Computer Science PhD Spring 2016

Thesis: Demystifying secure computation: familiar abstractions for efficient protocols
First and current employment: Google (Mountain View)

Yuchen Zhou, Computer Engineering PhD Spring 2015

Winner of ECE Rader Graduate Research Award, 2014
First and current employment: Palo Alto Networks

Yan Huang, Computer Science PhD Fall 2012
Current employment: Assistant Professor, Indiana University (since Fall 2014)
First post-PhD employment: Research Associate, University of Maryland

Karsten Nohl, Computer Engineering PhD Spring 2009

Thesis: Implementable Privacy for RFID Systems, January 2009
Winner of ECE Rader Graduate Research Award, 2008
Current occupation: Chief Scientist, Security Research Labs (Berlin)

Nathanael Paul — Computer Science PhD 2008

Thesis: Disk-Level Malware Detection, May 2008
Current occupation: Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Security Research Scientist and Director of Center for Trustworthy Embedded Systems, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
First employment: Postdoc, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Andrew Tanenbaum)

Jinlin Yang [LinkedIn] — Computer Science PhD 2007

Current occupation: Snapchat
First Employment: Microsoft Center for Software Excellence (Redmond, WA)

Security Research Group (19 January 2016)
Jack Doerner, Samee Zahur, Mahnush Movahedi, Mohammad Etemad, Hannah Li, Weilin Xu, Karen Pan

srg lunch
Research Group Lunch (6 May 2015)

Prospective Students

I am always happy to exchange email with UVa students looking for research projects. My primary research area is computer security which includes software security, applications of cryptography, system security and network security. I will also supervise outstanding students interested in other areas.

If you are a current UVa undergraduate student, visit our research group blog to learn about what is going on in our group, and send me an email to arrange a meeting. All students are also welcome (and encouraged) to attend our Security Research meetings (sign up for the mailing list). I generally prefer to find first or second year students so you have sufficient time to do something interesting before you graduate, but I have also been known to accept exceptional third or fourth year students.

If you are a current UVa graduate student looking for a research advisor, look at my research websites and some of our papers. If the kind of work we do seems interesting to you, contact me to arrange a meeting, preferably to discuss some of your own original research ideas.

If you are interested in coming to UVa to do a graduate degree, please feel free to contact me (but it would be a good idea to read my advice for prospective students first).

UVa Students and Alumni at USENIX Security 2011

Graduated Masters Students

Mainuddin Jonas — UVa MCS 2019 (December), now at Google
Ethan Lowman — UVa MS 2019, now at Datadog
Hannah Li — UVa BACS 2015, MCS 2017, now at Facebook
Horcrux: A Password Manager for Paranoids (Code)
Longze Chen — UVa MCS 2015, now at Center for Open Science
Simon Sibomana — UVa MCS 2015
Ivan Alagenchev — UVa MCS 2014
First employment: Amazon
Tianhao Tong — UVa MCS 2013
GuarDroid: A Trusted Path for Password Entry, Mobile Security Technologies. IEEE. San Francisco, California. May 2013. (Paper: PDF, 15 pages)
First employment: Twitter
Jeffrey Shirley — UVa MCS 2011
The User is Not the Enemy: Fighting Malware by Tracking User Intentions, New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW 2008), Lake Tahoe, California, 22-25 September 2008. (Paper: PDF, 13 pages)
Benjamin Cox — UVA MCS 2006
Software: N-Variant Systems Framework
First employment: Northrop Grumman (Charlottesville, VA)
Ana Nora Sovarel — UVA MCS 2006
First employment: UVa Hospital (Medical Informatics)
Lingxuan Hu — 2004
Software: MCL Simulator (Monte Carlo Localization)
First employment: Microsoft (Redmond, WA)
Selvin George — UVA MCS 2003
A Biological Programming Model for Self-Healing, First ACM Workshop on Survivable and Self-Regenerative Systems, October 2003. [PDF]
A Biologically Inspired Programming Model for Self-Healing Systems, Workshop on Self-Healing Systems (WOSS'02), November, 2002. [PDF]
Software: CellSim
First employment: Yahoo!
Current employment: Twitter
Greg Yukl — UVA MCS 2003
In-Line Source Code Generation
David Larochelle — UVA MCS 2002
Software: Splint
First employment: Ounce Labs
Current employment: Lead Engineer for Media Cloud, Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Harvard University)
Joel Winstead — UVA MS 2002
First employment: Cigital
Weilin Zhong — UVA MCS 2002
First employment: Cigital (Current employment: Aspect Security)
Andrew Twyman — MIT MEng '99 (co-supervised with John Guttag)
MEng Thesis: Flexible Code Safety for Win32 (winner of MIT Masterworks Prize)
Software: Naccio (Win32)
First Employment: Maker Communications (acquired by Conexant)
Current Employment: Liquid Machines

Research Group Lunch (11 May 2011)

Undergraduate Research Alumni

Completed PhDs

John Calandrino (2002) — Microsoft
University of North Carolina (PhD 2009) (worked with James Anderson on real-time scheduling for multicore platforms)
RTSS 2006: [PDF], Euromicro 2007: [PDF]
Adrienne Felt (2006-2008) — Google
UC Berkeley PhD 2012; privacy protection for social networking APIs, mashup security issues; CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award Finalist 2008; SEAS Outstanding Student Award 2008
Christopher Frost (2003-2004) — Samsara
UCLA (PhD 2010); Google (2010-2015). Worked on the Featherstich File System Project with Eddie Kohler).
SOSP 2007 paper: [PDF])
William (GJ) Halfond (2002) — Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Southern California.
Georgia Tech (PhD 2010) (worked on web application security with Alessandro Orso).
FSE 2007: [PDF], TSE 2007: [PDF], FSE 2006: [PDF], ASE 2005: [PDF], WODA 2005: [PDF]
Felipe Huici (2001) — NEC Europe, Hid
University College London (PhD 2009)
Now at NEC research in Heidelberg working on ClickOS
Jonathan McCune (2001-2003) — Google
CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mentionee in 2003
CMU PhD 2009 (advised by Adrian Perrig and Mike Reiter)
Research Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University
EuroSys 2008: [PDF], ASPLOS 2008: [PDF], Oakland 2007: [PDF], USENIX Tech 2006: [PDF], Oakland 2005 (Seeing is Believing): [PDF], Oakland 2005 (Detection of Denial of Message Attacks): [PDF]).
William Melicher (2012-2013; BACS 2013) — Palo Alto Networks
Carnegie Mellon Univeristy PhD 2019 (advised by Lujo Bauer)
Matt Spear (2005-2006) — Google
UC Davis (PhD 2010, worked with Karl Levitt and Felix Wu on peer-to-peer security)
Infocom 2008: [PDF], ICC 2008: [PDF]

Currently in PhD Programs

Matthew Wallace (2018-2019) — University of Wisconsin
Darion Cassel (2016-2017) — Carnegie Mellon University
Samuel Havron (2015-2017) — Cornell University
Ethan Robertson (2016-2017) — University of Virginia
Jack Doerner (UVA BSCS 2015; Wizard of Oblivion, 2015-2016) — Northeastern University
Hao Bai (2014-2016; BSCS 2016) — Harvard University
Natnatee ("Ko") Dokmai (2013-2015; BACS 2015) — Indiana University 2015
Patrick Mutchler (2010-2011; BSCS 2011) — Stanford University (Telephone Metadata Privacy [News, Guardian])

Other Alumni and Visitors

Sam Medlin, undergraduate researcher (since summer 2019, co-advised by Denis Nekipelov) — revealing privacy preferences
Nathaiel Grevatt (2018-2019) — secure computation and the GDPR
Aditi Narvekar (2017-2019) — adversarial machine learning
Felix Park (2017-2018) — adversarial machine learning
Helen Simecek (2017-2019) — evading classifiers
Amar Singh (2017-2018) — proof-of-stake vulnerabilities
Parvesh Samayamanthula (visiting High School student, summer 2018) — adversarial NLP for privacy policies
Kelvin Sparks (since Fall 2017 - BSCS 2018) — cryptocurrency governance
Anant Kharkar (fall 2015 - BSCS 2018) — evading classifiers
Jesse Nayak (Summer 2017, BSCS 2018) — oblivious substring search
Noah Kim (undergraduate researcher, summer 2017) — feature
Mohammad Etemad (2016-2017; Post-Doc, PhD Koc University, Turkey)
Mahnush Movahedi (spring 2016; Post-Doc, PhD from University of New Mexico) — Yale University
Ori Shimony (summer 2015-2016) — incentives and Tor
Ziqi Liu (fall 2015-spring 2016, BACS 2016) — web security, now at Microsoft
Karen Pan (2015-2016) — web security, now at UVa Statistics
Theo Gutman-Solo (2013-2014; BACS 2014) — (entered Princeton University PhD program in Operations Research, 2014)
Hunter Leath (summer 2014-fall 2015, BACS Fall 2015) — and Melange, now at Amazon (Cambridge, MA)
Samantha Lagestee (summer 2015) — learning materials for PicoCTF and beyond
Andrew Lee (summer 2015) — learning materials for PicoCTF and beyond
Shay Batheja (summer 2015) — learning materials for PicoCTF and beyond
Mike Verdicchio (summer 2015) — learning materials for PicoCTF and beyond
Brian Walter (summer 2015) — learning materials for PicoCTF and beyond
Corey Ames (2014-2015)
Mark Hannan (summer 2014)
Michael Mahoney (summer 2014)
Kyle McGuire (summer 2014)
Rob Michaels (summer 2014)
Robert Jacobs (summer 2013) — prime numbers
Peter Chapman (2009-2012; BACS 2012) — CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award Runner-Up in 2012; entered CMU's PhD Program, completed Masters 2015, now at DuoLingo
Jonathan Burket (2010-2013; BACS 2013) — (entered CMU's PhD Program; CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Honorable Mentionee) 2013
Muhammad Naveed (Graduate student visit while PhD student at UIUC, Summer 2013) — Assistant Professor at University of Southern Californa)
Travis Dean (summer 2013) — implementing secure computation protocols
Guanmei Liang (summer 2013)
Shengxuan (Jerry) Ye (Spring 2011) — CalTech (Masters in Computation and Neural Systems); now at Facebook
Jiamin Chen (Summer 2011)
Austin DeVinney (summer 2011, visiting from Radford University) — secure web application framework
SangHyung Koo (Summer 2011) — secure mobile applications
Casey Mihaloew (Summer 2011) — secure web aplication framework
Yikan Chen (2009-2011), PhD Student (Computer Engineering) — Auditing Information Leakage for Distance Metrics (now at Amazon)
Jenny Cha (summer 2011) — secure web applications
Brittany Harris (summer 2011) — secure computation
Michael Weaver (summer/fall 2010, BSCS 2011) — a secure web application framework
Muzzammil Zaveri (summer/fall 2010, BSCS 2011) — a secure web application framework
Rachel Lathbury (summer 2008, BACS 2010) — University of Pennsylvania (linguistics)
Richard Hsu (summer 2008) — scene-based CAPTCHAs
Paul DiOrio (summer 2008) — linguistics and security
Meghan Knoll (summer 2007) — spyware
Carly Simpson (summer 2007) — security applications of GPUs
Salvatore Guarnieri (2003-2006) — University of Washington (Masters, 2010); now at Google (New York); CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award Finalist in 2006
Michael Peck (2003-2004) — Johns Hopkins University
David Friedman (2002) — Johns Hopkins University
Adam Trost (2001-2002) — UVa Law School
Ryan Persaud (2001) — UCSD

Senior Theses Supervised