Computer Science 854/551
(spring 2001)

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Advanced Computer Architecture: 
A Microprocessor Survey

Tues./Thurs. 3:30-4:45, Olsson 011

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The Spring 2001 course on Advanced Computer Architecture will survey the architecture and organization of some current high-performance microprocessors and explore new, aggressive architectures being proposed in the research literature. We will

The class will be strongly discussion oriented.  Hopefully in the process, we will expose some of the subtle tradeoffs that make architecture such a challenging area.  Much of the course will be structured around presentations by teams of students.  For their presentations, students will be expected to gather relevant source material from the published literature, the Web, or inquiries made to the manufacturers.

The course includes a semester-long research project with a quality technical write-up at the end.  It is hoped that these projects will serve as the basis for larger research projects and that many will lead to publications.  Last year's course produced one conference publication, two workshop publications, and one technical report.

This course can accommodate a small number of undergraduates, registering under 551.  The 551 version will differ only in the scope of the assignments.

CPU Info

As we survey our processors, we have put together web pages with links to useful documents and our own summary presentations.

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