Slides Etc.
Exam 3 info and topic list
Visitor design pattern slides
Visitor design pattern (chapter from R. Martin's book)
Eclipse project with Threading Examples
Multithreaded programs in Java
Swing and MVC
EXAM 2 info and study guide
Decorator pattern
Factories and Bridge patterns
Packages, Java and Design
Design and Architecture
Strategy design pattern
Book chapter: Architectural Design (from C. Fox's Intro to SW Engin. Design)
Paper: Architecture and evolution of the modern web browser
Chapter: OO Design, Layered Model (from Ambler's The Object Primer)
Rethinking OO for Design
Design Patterns: Singleton, Composite, Facade, Adaptor
Handout with sample questions for Exam 1
Possible solution for Sample Question #1
Topic/Reading List for Exam 1
Class design issues
UML Sequence diagrams
UML Class models
Functional Design, OO Design (Aug. 26, 31)
Design Pattern Intro., Singleton (Aug. 28)
Intro. (Aug. 26)
Syllabus / BOCM
Refactoring Intro
JUnit Intro
Law of Demeter reading
Notes for Exam 1 from Xiaosong